Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Koji Asano - The Last Shade Of Evening Falls (2000)

"The Last Shade of Evening Falls" is a monolithic electroacoustic drone work totaling 260 minutes in length, each part around 60-70 minutes in length. This .ZIP collects all four parts.

It is based on processed violin and contrabass saxophone. The processing gives it a very grainy, warm tone. The mood ranges from haunting to quite beautiful. It's one of my personal favorite electroacoustic albums.
"The Last Shade of Evening Falls 1/4", probably my favorite part, is very thick and warm. The way the violin and saxophone play off each other is beautiful.
"The Last Shade of Evening Falls 2/4" opens up with a very eerie droning violin note and the saxophone gradually enters and mingles with the violin. About half-way through, the piece reaches it's crescendo with the two heavily processed instruments creating a buzzing atonal cacophony. It then gradually dies down until another mini-climax at the end.
"The Last Shade of Evening Falls 3/4" is the most dynamic of the four pieces. It opens with a loud, dissonant violin drone which eventually gives way to the saxophone which grumbles on for about half an hour before the violin returns. Near the end of the piece the two instruments really start to interlock, creating an impenetrable noise rhythm that repeats itself until the piece ends.
"The Last Shade of Evening Falls 4/4" is the final piece. It is not as dissonant as the two middle pieces and is more similar to the opener, but with a more grandiose tone.


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  1. amazing! thank you so much! do you have any more asano recordings prehaps?