Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bill Orcutt - Way Down South (2010)

Way Down South was an EP released in 2010 by Bill Orcutt, who was the former guitarist of Noise Rock band Harry Pussy. It really shows in this noisy and bluesy acoustic Free Folk album. The album is quite hectic and, like I said, noisy. Not to a degree that it becomes more of a Noise Rock (or I guess it would be Noise Folk) album than anything but to a degree in which it feels very textured and psychedelic. And there are, surprisingly, vocals on this album, its mostly just moaning or screaming from Orcutt, but they are vocals nonetheless, and I quite enjoy them, they probably are not for everyone though. The album ends up getting so hectic and noisy, its magnificent that Orcutt could create such a wall of noise with an acoustic guitar. Or maybe guitars, I'm not entirely sure about the production of the album, so it could be layered with multiple instances of him freaking out on his acoustic guitar at once. Either way the sound he pulls off in this album is quite impressive. The recording quality on it appears to be pretty low. I'm almost positive that it's on purpose, to contribute to the fuzzy, noisy sound that this album pulls off so well. All in all this is a really interesting album from a man with a really nice track record.

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