Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Smoke - Another Reason to Fast (1995)

Back with another personal rip, this time it's Another Reason to Fast from Atlanta's Smoke in FLAC. Quite a strange album which defies traditional classification, a bit of country, a bit of indie rock, with absolutely stunning musicianship from all parties the whole way through; think Michael Gira or Tom Waits colliding with American Music Club. The band was subject to an even stranger documentary by one Jem Cohen, which was released just months after the lead singer and songwriter Benjamin's death from Hepatitis C. Well worth the watch if you can find a copy, but be warned, in my experience that's even more annoying than finding a lossless copy of the album I'm sharing with you all today.

I cannot explain simple daily occurrences
The characters enter as often they exit
They leave me alone


  1. looking forward to more posts anon

  2. Smoke was an amazing band, as was Opal Foxx quartet before that.

  3. Hey all I wanted to say is I follow you since 2016 and you've opened my eyes on many curious forgotten bands and I'm really grateful for that. Thank you!