Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Deep - Psychedelic Moods (1966)

Psychedelic Moods by The Deep (Album, Psychedelic Rock): Reviews ...

Haha, bet you thought we were dead, and you were one-hundred-twenty-seven one-hundred-twenty-eighths right. I'll be breaking the hiatus for all of our seven followers with a disappointingly unobscure album you've probably already heard. What else can I say, college sucks and I haven't had a good computer since 2016. 
The Deep are to me a rather seminal psychedelic bands. Early scenemakers, prescient punk ethos, unrelenting scratchy guitar, terrible garagey gain mastering, ballads proudly portraying their acid-melted psyches: all of the nonsense one knows and loves about underground psychedelia of the 60's. And to boot they thought to sample frogs in their songs two years before Pearls Before Swine, take that Mr. Rapp! As all 60's stereo production is according to some unwritten principle incredibly jarring, the upload I'm providing you helpfully includes a mono version of the album, in addition to a few bonus tracks, all in FLAC too :-)