Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Abecedarians - Resin (1988)

Hello all! Long time so see. It's been quite a turbulent year for me personally and I simply haven't found much time for attending to the blog. But with Christmas coming round the bend and 2017 on the horizon I've planned out both a present for you all and a resolution for myself, namely, revitalizing PEB. As of now updating all the links will be my primary task, but I figured I ought to make a post to let you guys know we're not quite dead, and also as an excuse to share this beautiful little LP.

Caught somewhere between goth rock and dream punk L.A. outfit Abecedarians offer us a very distinct and lovely sound. Between the nervy, hypnotic guitar, punchy bass, and an absolutely fantastic vocal performance they manage to craft this own little world. Atmospheric yet catchy, dark but upbeat, highly recommended.

The movie is over
Tears tickling our face as it ends
I almost felt good inside
Till the part where the hero died