Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Smoke - Another Reason to Fast (1995)

Back with another personal rip, this time it's Another Reason to Fast from Atlanta's Smoke in FLAC. Quite a strange album which defies traditional classification, a bit of country, a bit of indie rock, with absolutely stunning musicianship from all parties the whole way through; think Michael Gira or Tom Waits colliding with American Music Club. The band was subject to an even stranger documentary by one Jem Cohen, which was released just months after the lead singer and songwriter Benjamin's death from Hepatitis C. Well worth the watch if you can find a copy, but be warned, in my experience that's even more annoying than finding a lossless copy of the album I'm sharing with you all today.

I cannot explain simple daily occurrences
The characters enter as often they exit
They leave me alone

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Deep - Psychedelic Moods (1966)

Psychedelic Moods by The Deep (Album, Psychedelic Rock): Reviews ...

Haha, bet you thought we were dead, and you were one-hundred-twenty-seven one-hundred-twenty-eighths right. I'll be breaking the hiatus for all of our seven followers with a disappointingly unobscure album you've probably already heard. What else can I say, college sucks and I haven't had a good computer since 2016. 
The Deep are to me a rather seminal psychedelic bands. Early scenemakers, prescient punk ethos, unrelenting scratchy guitar, terrible garagey gain mastering, ballads proudly portraying their acid-melted psyches: all of the nonsense one knows and loves about underground psychedelia of the 60's. And to boot they thought to sample frogs in their songs two years before Pearls Before Swine, take that Mr. Rapp! As all 60's stereo production is according to some unwritten principle incredibly jarring, the upload I'm providing you helpfully includes a mono version of the album, in addition to a few bonus tracks, all in FLAC too :-)

Monday, October 23, 2017

The 49 Americans - E Pluribus Unum (1980)


Today we have a wonderful little LP courtesy of the prolific David Toop along with, presumably, 48 others bright individuals. Coy, catchy pop with a marked intellectual slant. Think amateurism meets academia; progressive twee if you will. The first half of the album is composed of a dozen lovely vignettes while the latter half is, well, a pop-opera about a dragon terrorizing some faraway kingdom. If that doesn't convince you to give this album a shot nothing will.

We should be more ideal ideally
Oh yes we should of course should
We should be ideal ideally
So we wouldn't have to pretend

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Past Seven Days - Raindance / So Many Others... (1981)

Classic classic 4AD stuff. Groovy, dark, mellow(dramatic), all the hallmarks of a great 4AD single. I wish I could tell you more about this band but there's just about no info about them on the internet. The only other songs they've ever recorded were on a cassette compilation titled A Bucket of Sleet, which, unfortunately, is also nowhere to be found online.

I drink my poison this time
No explosion this time
And it slows you down
And it slows you down

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Social Climbers - Social Climbers (1981)

Got a non sequitur from New York's No Wave scene for you guys today. The more ardent followers of this blog might recognize this band's song "Hello Texas" as being featured on the first volume of Homework. Really bizarre and tangential lyrics and singing with some thick synths and other fun instruments that come together to form a formless meandering mess of an album. I of course mean that in a good way, out of the mess comes this impressionistic variegated psuedo-drone a-la A.R. Kane or The Fall. Very unique and overlooked album from the scene.

Back to when I was a teenager
Lusting for life I'd see you in those magazine

Your scrawny body laid out on some cheesy rug
In some slimy studio in Midtown Manhattan

Saturday, September 23, 2017

S.M. Nurse - S/T (1986)

S.M. Nurse are a band defined by their marginality. Crafting tunes that are simultaneously dense and dancey, these Dutch composites combine the hilarity of sampling professionals Negativland with the sound of a typical European minimal wave banger. It’s their marginality though- not belonging to any one genre, inhabiting the fringes and testing the limits of many different DIY and punky sounds which merits their listenability. By 1983 when the content of this cassette was performed, one might have thought that the functionality and allure of synth pop/minimal wave had fully run its course. Namely, that the highest highs had been reached, often in the form of singles by Euro weirdos who put out one mercurial release only to disband. But one only need to listen to lead singer Annekke Stempher’s repetitive, cocky, and digital (evoking Laurie Anderson’s definition- on again, off again) vocals, Jos Jak’s grainy, strung out, and paranoidally funky guitar tone, and Menko Konigs’ interlocked electronics to feel the bliss of their sound. The sampling is impeccable, not just telling sonic narratives, but providing lyrical narratives as well, done no better on the song “That’s The Body”, where a voice asks over and over “Did anyone touch you here, or here? Or here? Or here? Or here?” while Stempher and Jok lay down a dissonant funk.