Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Verlaines - Bird Dog (1987)

It figures that I would lose internet access for several months shortly after deciding to revive this blog. I'll get around to reupping all the links that are down, this might take a while as I'd imagine there are quite a few.
Today we have some lovely jangle pop from Dunedin courtesy of the Verlaines. Not really sure what they put in the water in Dunedin but it seems to really give one an ear for melody. Very catchy passionate stuff, one of the real shiners from the scene if you ask me.

And you'll wipe it good
And you'll wipe it clean
And say I'll see you in the death machine tomorrow
Unless somebody's god intervenes

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Rare Snail Habitat of Ichetucknee demo (199?)

(no art, unsurprisingly)

Late 90s emo from Gainesville, FL (hence the name taken from the Ichetucknee river/state park).

Intensity controlled in such a way that the shifts from manic chugs to cathartic, beautifully melodic multi-guitar arpeggios are seamless; a mundane intensity pervading an entire culture, realized only by those wild enough to record it.

This has been a favorite for years. I get a kick out of this quote from drummer Dan Haddock: "this was the coolest band i've ever been in but i quit to concentrate more on my drug habit."

synthesize my life
(it's not so simple)