Monday, October 23, 2017

The 49 Americans - E Pluribus Unum (1980)


Today we have a wonderful little LP courtesy of the prolific David Toop along with, presumably, 48 others bright individuals. Coy, catchy pop with a marked intellectual slant. Think amateurism meets academia; progressive twee if you will. The first half of the album is composed of a dozen lovely vignettes while the latter half is, well, a pop-opera about a dragon terrorizing some faraway kingdom. If that doesn't convince you to give this album a shot nothing will.

We should be more ideal ideally
Oh yes we should of course should
We should be ideal ideally
So we wouldn't have to pretend

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  1. There's more information about the 49 Americans here: -- also check for a 49 Americans history.

    I am fascinated by this time period, when free jazz folks like David Toop, Steve Beresford and Lol Coxhill of the London Musicians Collective interacted with DIY folks like Vivien Goldman, the Raincoats, and The Door & The Window. A shared interest in dub led to General Strike's "Danger In Paradise", the two "Epic Sound Battles" EP's by the Playgroup collective, and the Flying Lizards.