Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ludus - The Visit (1980)

As promised, here is the original version of "The Visit" by Ludus.

When I can see through you what can I see
Can I see me? Does my objectivity
Allow me access to your points of view
Can you see what I see in you?


  1. Thank you for taking the time to digitize this EP. I have both EP's on vinyl (I believe they were packaged together). I can rip The Seduction if you would like to compare it to the CD version. A fascinating group, and Linder's artwork is beautiful.

    1. if you could rip your copy of the seduction that would be amazing! ive been dying to hear it since getting my hands on the visit

  2. My mistake: The Visit (New Hormones ORG 4) was a 12" EP released in 1980, and The Seduction (New Hormones ORG 16) was a double 12" released in 1981. The eight tracks on my vinyl copy of The Seduction are (to my ears) identical to those that were packaged on The Visit/The Seduction CD.

    Ripping them has been slow going because I'm trying to remove as many pops and clicks as possible. I can rip my CD of the Ludus comp The Damage in the meantime.