Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Simon Finn - Pass the Distance (1970)

Exquisite psych-folk gem right here. Finn has a really great gravelly voice. This album is really fantastic, I mean I'm going to be the thousandth person to say this but Jerusalem is such an amazing track, Simon Finn just loses it on that track. The whole album is nuts, I mean that in the best way possible of course. I really just can not stress enough how much I love this album, one of the best psych folk albums ever created, and if you think otherwise you're just silly, that's just my ~very~ humble opinion of course. Every second is gorgeous and the whole album is like one big acid-laced stick of cotton candy.

You are no more evil now
Than you were when you when you began


  1. 5 songs past and i'm already enjoying this, Very beautiful album, a must for the Psychedelic folk heads, Thank you very much, Great share, nice copy, nice host, Thumb's Up.
    Please Keep your faith in blogging,
    Best Regards.