Friday, January 6, 2017

Yo - Good Tidings (1984)

Was stuck in soulseek purgatory for a while trying to find this album, but here it is, power pop trio Yo's debut album. Good Tiding often seems to find itself overlooked in favor of it's more ambitious younger brother, Charm World. In spite of this album's relative lack of recognition, it's still just about as strong as Charm World. Yo make every second of this very short 20 minute album count with some great jangle punk tracks like Black Forest and Knives (which is also featured on Homework). Definitely worth a listen if you've enjoyed Charm World, or even if you've never heard it, just download it.

Walk into the Black Forest
Not really seeing anything
Walking into the Black Forest
Land of the unknown
Land of tomorrow


  1. I like it. I should I wrote and played the music in 1982 .Check out my new band on Face Book and You tube called "Swerve" from San Francisco

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