Friday, January 20, 2017

Breathless - Three Times and Waving (1987)

In honor of finding this album at a record store the other day I figured I ought to share it with you guys. Hailing from London, Breathless are very reminiscent of 4AD's very own dream pop titan Cocteau Twins, with a few noticeable twists. Some may also recognize another connection this band has with 4AD, namely the fact that their lead singer has himself also appeared on a few Mortal Coil tracks. Comparisons aside, the album itself is very ethereal, lush, and, despite that dreamyness, very uptempo for the most part. Their almost shoegazey guitarwork crafts dark soundscapes, pushed ever forward by pounding, energetic drumming. Great listen for fans of dream pop.

There isn't a stone you've left unturned

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