Monday, January 9, 2017

A Witness - I Am John's Pancreas (1986)

A Witness appear to be the sour apple in the bunch of artists from NME's famous C86. Though their song on the compilation was only about two and a half minutes one realizes right away that they stick out like a sore thumb next to the mostly p(r)eppy, jangly bands placed alongside them. A Witness instead go for more darker, confrontational tunes. It's kinda hard to affix a genre to them, which of course is a good thing. Their jagged, disjointed guitars riffs over metallic drum machines and a repetitive, chunky bass come together in a sort of chaos-pop harmony, all of this of course complemented by a surprisingly great vocal performance from one very cynical Englishman. Great listen for anyone wishing for something a bit more dissonant from the 80's indie scene in Britain.

It's not dark enough, it's not large enough
It's not dark enough, it's not large enough

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