Friday, February 20, 2015

Various Artists - Homework #9 US D.I.Y./punkwave/post-punk: A, B, & C LP cuts+

Really the only gripe I have with these compilations is the weird numbering scheme, I ordered the 7 volume pack and they sent me: #101, #102, #103, #104, #105, #9, and #10. And there's not really any consistency in the titles either. But the music's great at least!

Volume 9


  1. yeah, just like my question about the messthetics comps. the same fucking number problem

  2. messthetics is at least slightly better. in #1-8 the artists are sorted by name and in #101-108 its by region. homework just seems arbitrary.i can only find bits of pieces of #1-8 online and there even appears to be a homework #1½. its chaotic

  3. Not only is the numbering nearly random, at one point he decided to *redo* the entire project, rendering MY HYD, homework, and Messthetics obsolete as the tracks were totally re-arranged. He also killed "Planet Punk" and "Bad Teeth" And like I mentioned, the CD-R's I own are all unreadable. Buyer beware: rip that shit to an ISO asap. I will admit, that *everything* on *all* the releases is totally awesome, I have not an unkind word for chucks inimitable sense of selections. Sorry.