Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Pennikurvers - The Pennikurvers (1995)

Fantastic 90's lofi emo. And when I say lofi I mean REALLY lofi. Whether or not you're a fan of emo you should definitely check this, it very well could change your mind about the genre altogether. The whole single has a very indie rock tint to it as well, but its still primarily an emo record. Superbly fuzzy and comfy, its a real shame these guys never released anything else. Either way this is and incredibly enjoyable single and definitely worth a listen in my opinion.


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  1. Saw this post via the Die or D.I.Y.? 2 blog and I was like "HELL YEAH. THE PENNIKURVERS."
    Love this record. I listen to it a lot. The drummer played in Honeywell, but that's a screamo band and sounds nothing like The Pennikurvers.
    The most similar band I can probably think of to this is called Lumber. Their 7" from 1994 is great. A song from it:
    Maybe the band, Patterns Make Sunrise, is quite similar too.