Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ludus - The Visit / The Seduction (2002)

Now here is a very interesting release. The Visit / The Seduction, which, as intuition might lead one to believe, is a compilation of two Ludus release from 1980 and 1981 named (you guessed it) "The Visit" and "The Seduction" respectively. As intuition probably wouldn't lead you to believe, this compilation also contains the singles "Mother's Hour" and "Anatomy Is Not Destiny". Now what actually makes it interesting is how splendid and bizarre this album is. Think post-punk from moon men. Think mercurial ballads and syncopated symphonies. Think Essential Logic but with even more talented individuals operating the instruments performing much more complex compositions. Fast, angular and disjointed guitar, phenomenally tight drumming, bass lines from Eden, and a singer who defies categorization, everything you could really ask for.

There's one last thing of note about this album that I found out only recently. I was lucky enough to come upon an original copy of "The Visit" EP and made a shocking discovery: it's not the same as the CD I'm sharing with you folks today. Entirely different takes of the same songs (albeit more or less in the same style). The oddest part about this is the fact that the CD booklet makes no mention of this discrepancy. I'm not sure if this holds true for "The Seduction" or the singles but it's an anomalous tidbit nonetheless. To my knowledge the EP isn't available online, so, as a special treat for you guys, I'll be uploading a rip of my copy of "The Visit" as soon as I find this god damned AC cable.

Want to break your little piggy
Steal your pennies make you cry

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  1. Thanks a lot for ripping your vinyl original of 'The Visit' 12" EP.
    You say that the vinyl version of 'The Seduction' Is the same as that found on the LTM CD, but the YouTube comments below the 6+ minute version of 'My Cherry Is In Sherry' suggest that this is the 'Seduction' version and LTM have used the shorter (02.38 mins) 7" version instead.
    Any further clarification would be greatly appreciated - all very strange!
    Wonder why LTM / Ludus were happy to sign of on this confusion/ revisionism.