Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Various Artists - Red Spot (1981)

Super overlooked comp from Subterranean Records can take care of all of your minimal wave and no wave needs. Super dark and super gritty, there's not really too much to dislike about this comp. It even has a rare Minimal Man track! Definitely worth checking out.

You have a forcefield
And a tracking beam
You pull me to you
With curiosity


  1. Thanks a lot for this obscure release. I downloaded it twice & can't open the file - is there a password?

    1. there should be a password or anything. but ive updated the link just in case. if the problem persists just let me know!

  2. Thanks so much, the new link worked!

  3. Do you have No Trend's Early Months compilation?

    Thanks for all your work regardless.

  4. Superb collection, thanks

  5. Living in the UK, I remember how we used to avidly await for the then new Subterranean Records imports back in the eighties - I cannot have heard this for over thirty years! Absolutely killer tracks, I used to use the Fried Abortions track for many a mixtape!

    Many thanks!

  6. So awesome, many thanks for putting these up