Friday, July 25, 2014

Michio Kadotani - 腐っていくテレパシーズ (1991)

Great comp of music from Michio Kadotani which was released shortly after he died in 1990. I can best describe the album as supremely noisy punk/post-punk. That really doesn't to the release justice though, its basically if Les Rallizes Dénudés decided to do a post-punk album, and it's absolutely fantastic. It's noisy, hypnotic, and an all around incredibly listen. I highly recommend it if you're even vaguely interested in noise rock or anything else that I've mentioned, this album really shouldn't be passed up.



  1. souper curious about how this sounds. but the mechalink keeps flailing on me. wot's the deal? anyway, severe thanks for the recommendation, this seriously looks legit fun to hear.

  2. This is incredible stuff -- thanks so much for posting!

  3. hello, would anybody know more about Michio Kadotani ?